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One on One Home Therapy

Get one on one, personalized instruction in the comfort of your own home. Tiara Tagud travels to your home and works with you and your loved one for one-on-one care directly targeting your communication goals. 
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Parent Coaching

Receive instruction on evidence based strategies to use with your loved one at home to build on strategies already being used and facilitate additional use of communication skills. Have opportunities to brainstorm what works for you in your personalized schedule and lifestyle. Ask any questions you have to feel confident in working with your loved one at home. 
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Receive personalized instruction over your own electronic device including your phone, tablet, ipad, computer, etc. Attend your speech therapy appointment without leaving your home. All you need is a stable internet connection and a person to support your loved one through the session. Includes all the same evidence based strategies, home plan, and any necessary parent coaching. Teletherapy can be adapted to fit all need levels. 
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Group Therapy- Coming Soon

Enjoy the opportunity to work on communication skills in a small group with others. This will be private pay only. It is necessary to understand that goals for all clients may be discussed within the group. Client privacy is a top priority and will be protected to the extent possible within the group. It is expected that goals and information about the clients in the group not be shared with others outside the group. 

We Offer Treatment for the Following Conditions:

- Auditory Processing Disorders

- Parent Coaching

- Articulation Disorders

  • Motor Speech Disorders
  • Apraxia
  • Phonological Delays
  • Phonemic Awareness
- Expressive Language Delays

- Receptive Language Delays

- Social Communication Delays

- Executive Functioning Delays

- Communication Deficits Related to Autism

- Communication Deficits Related to Down Syndrome
- Communication Deficits Related to Hearing Loss

- Communication Deficits Related to other diagnoses

- Alternative Augmentative Communication Devices

- Communication skills for the work place

- More services available upon request

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